On The Town

Recently I got the chance to go see a new theatre thing in London which is so cool it’s basically theatre but outside and because it was summer it was lovely and hot the place where it was held had a barbecue so you could sit on the grass before the show and eat burgers now when i heard about this I was a bit worried that the burgers where going to be those cheap burgers you get in tesco but no these burgers were incredible! I would even say they were the best burgers I have had in a long time and they were served on these fancy wood slabs.

after a while we went inside and I was taken back by how cool the set was because the show is about three sailors so the set looks like shipping containers stacked on each other.


On the town is a musical about three sailors named Gabey,Ozzie and Chip who are in New York for 24 hours as they search for a girl named Ivy for gabey. the whole show was amazing. the show had singing and dancing and both were so good all the dancers where extremely talented (I can do the Macarena but that’s about it) they had one of the ex-strictly come dancing winners Danny Mac he played Gabey

In the second part of the show the set changes a bit to make it look like a club with neon blue lights.it made me really happy how at the beginning of the play it was bright and light out then when the show was set in the evening it was going dark it really added an atmosphere to the show


I really recommend this show to anyone even if you’re not that big on musical because the whole atmosphere of it is incredible and its such a different experience that I couldn’t recommend it any higher

I hope you enjoyed this post see you soon x1141


Wonder Woman Review

wdwmn-1sht-main-dom-1-1494520285247_1280wSo last weekend I went to go see the new Wonder Woman film and I was really excited as  at last there’s is a main stream girl super hero film now going into it part of me was worried this film would really over exaggerate the fact she’s a girl but I think they did it really well so much so I think this may be one of the best DC films out.the plot is so clever and you would never be able to guess the ending which for me makes a good film as I usually can guess the entire plot of a film really quickly which gets annoying after a while but this film has alot of false endings s youll think thats how its going to finnish but then a big twist happens that changes every thing. the main actress in the film Gal Gadot was AMAZING I honestly think she is such a good actress and I think they did a really good job in casting her for Wonder Woman. 2017_The_Wonder_Woman_Gal_Gadot_widethis film found a really good level between humour and action that I feel like some DC films do badly as go in either direction whereas in this film they have characters like Etta Candy who is such a funny character and her scenes would be hilariouswonder-woman-rodaje-lucy-davis-pxl2

then you’d have an action scene which was so good my only fault was some of the CGI but over wise it was a spectacular film in so many aspects. I would defiantly recommend this film to EVERYONE as there’s some thing for everyone. I haven’t seen to many DC films so if there are any you recommend comment them and I will watch them and maybe make a review!

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