Paris – day two

So , I’ve been busy and only realised this morning that I hadn’t written or posted day 2 yet so here goes

So on the second day we were extremely rushed as we were going to Disney and after Disney straight to the train station to go home so it was a bit manic. Because we were so rushed that I didn’t have time for breakfast till later so we headed to the station and let me tell you I’ve never loved French underground more than I did then three words DOUBLE DEKER TRAIN (seriously have no clue why this excited me so much but it really did) I personally think England need to look into this I don’t even care if they were pointless, they are cool end of .

So on the train we were sat next to a German/English family who were here on holiday and they had a baby and a seven year old with an incredible voice now normally if I was on a train and a kid started singing  the whole time I’d want to strangle them but not this girl she was really talented and she was my entertainment for the majority of the train ride. Once we were in Disney we went to get a sandwich from a cafe and they were selling this ham and cheese roll that I really wanted so we brought it up to them man who asked me to give it to him so it could be toasted, I refused I really didn’t want it toasted and the man looked at me as if I’d just insulted him and he told me that it would be terrible so I still refused because at this point even if I wanted to toasted I wouldn’t give in to this irritating man who was constantly telling me I was wrong so I got out my money and said “sorry, I think I know what I want” and walked out with my sandwich .

I’m not personally a rides person so Disney for me is more the atmosphere but there is one ride I have to go on if I’m in Disney which is it’s a small world which is the creepiest ride ever it’s basically a water ride where dolls in cultural clothing singing the most creepy and repetitive song ever “it’s a small world after!” Repeated in about ten languages and I really apologise if you’ve been on the ride and your reading this and that song is now etched in your brain .P1010319

The rest of the day we went to the other park which was the studios and I loved the stuff they had there especially the tram ride which showed you how special effects are made and you got to feel an earth quake will explosions happened and gallons of water were thrown on top of you it was really awesome P1010329

After that we went to the train station and went home I personally love Paris and hope to go back there at some point . I hope you enjoyed this post my next post might be a bit geeky not sure if I’m going to do it though x

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Paris – Day one

P1010332So I wanted to start this blog by apologising for not posing as frequently as iI would like as I’m slowly noticing this blog has become a bit of a travel blog and I really wanted to do my next post on my trip to Paris so I will  be splitting this post up into two so you will get day two later this week xP1010255

So last weekend i got the chance to go to Paris with my dad which was really nice as the last time i got to go was when I was five and it’s kind of hard to appreciate things when all you care about is Dora the explorer so  went by train to get to Paris which was cool as the seats where extremely comfy and i practically slept through the whole journey. once we were in paris we went straight to our hotel well I say straight . It wasn’t. me and my dad have no sense of direction so we were basically roaming the streets of paris which would have been nice if it wasn’t for the fact we had a large and noisy suitcase  (what ever noise your imagining currently times it by ten then double it  then you will have close to the noise the stupid suitcase was making ) the hotel itself was really nice and I did enjoy listening to the french receptionist laughing at my dads name which is Nigel but they kept pronouncing it N-ee-gellP1010289

after we left the hotel we went to look for our group as we were getting a tour of the Eiffel tower which I was looking forward to as the last time I was there I was so exited to see the Eiffel tower but as soon as we got there I was sleep in my buggy and when my family tried to wake me up I got angry and went back to sleep and missed the whole thing and still to this day my family won’t let it go. once we were in queue we were looking at a large sign on the wall saying you weren’t allowed to wear roller skates up thee and this confused me so much as seriously what idiot would think roller blading on the eiffel tower was a good idea ,but obviously it happens as they needed a sign for it.P1010262

here are the pictures I took –


after we had finished we went over to go on a boat trip of paris which was really pretty but as usual there had to be so,one to spoil it and in this case it was a group of pensioners from Germany who I’m pretty sure thought they’re better than everyone else so the first Lady I met decided there was a seat that she wanted so she physically removed the child who was sitting in it and the parents said nothing as i think the were as scared of her as the little girls was the second one shoved me into the man next to me and sat down then looked smugly at me and said thank you.P1010287

we finished the day but eating at a burger restaurant ( Lets pretend it was traditional french cuisine) and the restaurant was called mammies which sounds like a Mrs browns boys themed resteraunt  (I wish) it was a really nice day

hope you enjoyed this post will post Day two soon x1141