Wonder Woman Review

wdwmn-1sht-main-dom-1-1494520285247_1280wSo last weekend I went to go see the new Wonder Woman film and I was really excited as  at last there’s is a main stream girl super hero film now going into it part of me was worried this film would really over exaggerate the fact she’s a girl but I think they did it really well so much so I think this may be one of the best DC films out.the plot is so clever and you would never be able to guess the ending which for me makes a good film as I usually can guess the entire plot of a film really quickly which gets annoying after a while but this film has alot of false endings s youll think thats how its going to finnish but then a big twist happens that changes every thing. the main actress in the film Gal Gadot was AMAZING I honestly think she is such a good actress and I think they did a really good job in casting her for Wonder Woman. 2017_The_Wonder_Woman_Gal_Gadot_widethis film found a really good level between humour and action that I feel like some DC films do badly as go in either direction whereas in this film they have characters like Etta Candy who is such a funny character and her scenes would be hilariouswonder-woman-rodaje-lucy-davis-pxl2

then you’d have an action scene which was so good my only fault was some of the CGI but over wise it was a spectacular film in so many aspects. I would defiantly recommend this film to EVERYONE as there’s some thing for everyone. I haven’t seen to many DC films so if there are any you recommend comment them and I will watch them and maybe make a review!

I hope you enjoyed this post see you soon x


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